имени Александра Григорьевича и Николая Григорьевича Столетовых

About the University

Currently consisting of 8 institutions in the 22 faculties of the University in the city of Vladimir, in its branches (Moore and G. Gus—Crystal Vladimir region) enrolled more than 26 thousand students in various forms of training.

About the Institute

Studying at the Institute of innovative technologies is the accumulation of basic knowledge and practical skills in physics, electronics, instrumentation. Your knowledge is the capital that over time, not devalued and can be useful always.

About the Department

The Department participates in environmental and health studies on the basis of the Department's experience, technology for the use of radiophysical methods of sensing the environment and biological objects.


A bachelor degree in radio engineering (11.03.01)

Bachelor's courses: direction of ITS (11.03.02)

Master's degree (11.04.01)

Graduate school (05.12.04,05.12.13)

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The objects of professional activity of the bachelor in the direction 11.03.01 "radio engineering" are electronic devices and systems, their functional units, methods and means for their development, and research, physical and mathematical modeling, pre-production.


Since 2016, the training of students in the direction of 11.03.01 "radio engineering" is conducted on the new curricula, the distinctive features of which are

their focus on the computerization of classical radio engineering disciplines, the introduction of promising courses that meet international qualification requirements for the direction of "radio engineering". More profound and knowledge-intensive preparation students receive in the magistracy in the direction 11.04.01 "radio engineering".


11.03.02 - "infocommunication technologies and means of communication" the direction prepares bachelors of a wide profile for development and operation of the equipment of broadcasting, radio and television centers, studios of sound recording and show business, broadcasting complexes, systems of radio communication,

radio and radio services, including digital satellite radio and broadcasting systems, cellular communication systems, based on the use of the latest computer technologies and programming languages.